Planes are extremely fascinating. If you’re anything like me then you’re obsessed with how things work. When it comes to airplanes both the culture surrounding air travel, the history, and the fun facts are just as interesting and entertaining as the way the plains work themselves.

Here are a few of my favorite facts about air travel that might surprise you!

  1. Pilots and co-pilots are required to eat different meals
    While this sounds pretty useless, it’s actually to prevent food poisoning. Airplane food can be trash so it makes sense that they would want to make sure it’s unlikely that the only two people know how to fly a plane don’t become completely indisposed due to bad chicken.
  2. The Boeing 747, the queen of the skies
    If you’ve ever been on a plane or travel by air pretty often, then you probably have been on a 747. This plane is affectionately called the queen of the skies and it is for a few interesting reasons. Firstly it’s one of the first big passenger planes ever made and it’s made using 6 million individual parts.
    Plus, a 747 moves at a little under 10,000 km/hr which is lightning fast!
  3. 1/3rd of your taste buds goes numb during flight
    This might be one of the reasons why airplane food tastes so gross! When you’re in flight a lot of your senses are numbed due to the pressure. It’s actually quite interesting how flying can literally interrupt messages from your nerves to your brain!
  4. You have a 96% chance of surviving a crash
    Unlike car crashes, plane crashes have a much more slim fatality rate! This is because air travel is much less congested, pilots are much better trained, and everything is kept up to par by professionals. So don’t be afraid of flying! Even if your plane does fall out of the sky you’ll probably survive.
  5. Thai Air’s costume changes
    Did you know the Thai Air has their flight attendants change clothing!? On the ground, they are required to wear a casual business suit and once in the air, they must wear traditional Thai clothing. If an attendant isn’t Thai she cannot wear the traditional clothing, interesting right!?
  6. Flight attendant requirements in the1930s were wild
    If you think a costume change is extra, then you should hear these requirements for flight attendants in the 1930s!
    Women must be under 115 pounds, single, and nurses. Which is the most specific and odd set of job requirements out there!
  7. High class at higher heights
    Airlines are some of the single biggest purchasers of luxury items (though your bag of peanuts may not hint that they are).
    British Airway was once the biggest purchaser of champagne in the world before being recently passed up by Emirates.
    Additionally, Singapore Airlines are the biggest purchaser of Dom Perignon on the planet. Crazy right!?